Anti GSLT (Token) Ban

[CS:GO] Anti GSLT (Token) Ban

Features of the Plugin

This plugins allows you to don't get GSLT (Token) Ban by using some plugins that valve doesn't allow! For example the !ws, !knife and !gloves are plugins that, without this Plugin, can give on the Account of the user that generated the token a GLOBAL BAN in CS:GO for 1 Month and a PERMANENT Ban for generating tokens.

How to install it?

To install the plugin you need to have:
-> MetaMod installed on your server (I recommend 1.10)
-> SourceMod installed on your server (I recommend 1.9)
Drag the "" to "addons/" and drag "nogsltban.vdf" to "addons/metamod/"

WARNING: I'm not responsible if you get banned for installing the plugin incorrectly! If your server does not reconize the plugin on console by typing "meta list" maybe files are not upload correctly!

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